Oceanic Flight 1012

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Oceanic Flight 1012
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Location(s) Location icon.png  Jungle
Quest Nighthawk
Fallen Angel
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"Mayday! Mayday! This is Oceanic Flight 1012... All engines are out! Ground control, do you read? We're making an emergency landing north of the city, in the jungle! To all stations, I repeat..." —Pilot's mayday call

Oceanic Flight 1012 is a passenger airliner that has crashed on the island in Dead Island. As the hero clears out the Lifeguard Tower, a mayday call can be heard being broadcasted through the radio stating that "all engines are out" and that they are attempting an emergency landing north of a city on the island.

Survivor Monica Goldberg, along with many others, at the lighthouse witnessed the plane going down and when she sees the hero, she pleads that the surviving passengers be checked on as she hands out the quest Nighthawk.

Ultimately, the hero arrives and finds that the plane has broken up into three sections when it attempted to land. Jungle Muggers are on site preparing to haul away the plane's cargo. There are no signs of survivors except for mangled bodies.


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  • "Oceanic" is a popular fictional airlines/airways in pop culture, especially movies and TV shows such as Executive Decision, LOST, and Nowhere to Land, which all associate the Oceanic flight with a fate consisting of doom (crashing, being hijacked, etc.)

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