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Location(s) Location icon.png  Pinai Ferry Station

Location icon.png Henderson

Location icon.png Dead Zones in Henderson
Dead Island Riptide Zombies

The Screamer is a new type of zombie that appears in Dead Island Riptide. It wears a type of neck brace and can send a piercing scream that will stun the survivors. These zombies are most dangerous within hordes due to other zombies attacking while the players are stunned.

The Screamer is the last enemy to be introduced in Dead Island Riptide. Depending on the situation, Screamers can be a mere nuisance or a very powerful threat. Despite its potential, the Screamer is the weakest enemy in the game with low HP and no defense, thus the Screamer can be easily killed with a powerful (or even weak) melee weapon.

Screamers appear to be only female. Some Screamers wear nothing but pants while others are in green dresses.

[edit] Locations

The hero first encounters the Screamer at the Pinai Ferry Station, during the zombie horde attack. Afterwards, the Screamer will appear in a few locations throughout Henderson and can often be found in the city's Dead Zones. Some Dead Zones have more than one Screamer inside.

[edit] Strategy

The Screamer is an easy but pesky enemy. The Screamer can be easily killed with fire and electricity mods. But the best strategy is to attack from a distance with throw weapons or firearms. Especially since their scream can stop all attacks and they can attack while your stunned.

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