Time for Booze

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Time for Booze
Time for Booze quest paper.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Diamond Bungalows
Difficulty Medium
Quest Giver Svetlana
Experience Points 100 XP
Reward Diamonds
Description Find a bottle of champagne for Svetlana
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Time for Booze is a continuous quest in Dead Island found in the Diamond Bungalows. Svetlana awards the hero diamonds if the hero delivers champagne to her. This quest does not end once the hero has brought Svetlana a bottle of Brand Champagne. The hero can give Svetlana champagne as many times as desired.

[edit] Trivia

  • The first time (and only first) the hero enters the hotel, check the side kitchen with several walkers and a Thug. After killing them there is a row of fridges on the same side as the door with champagne inside. Loot them, quit to the menu, then continue the game. The fridge will then be restocked allowing for infinite champagne. Know, however, you cannot do this trick in every place. Sometimes upon reloading, you may begin at a completely different are than where you got off.

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Sex with Svetlana

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